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Friday, 30 December 2016

How can you increase the visibility of your blog online?

Writing a blog is not anymore just an online diary but more than that and need an online promotion to increase its visibility and to drive a huge traffic of readers to your post. There are different digital marketing techniques that you can use and improve its visibility: 

• Share it in Social Media: There are different means of social media like twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn etc. After completing your first blog, post it to as many social media as you can because it is the powerful platform to increase your visibility among your customers, so, you should use it.

• E-Mails: Through mails, you can reach a large number of old as well as new audience and thus if you really want to increase the visibility of your blog then do mail your every new post with your contact list.

• Guest Blogging:  To promote your blog you can take a help of guest blogging on the similar topics. This will help you to expose yourself to new audiences and allow you to make new contacts with so many readers, which help to improve your writing skills and also drive huge traffic to your blog post.

• SEO: The most effective digital marketing technique is SEO that can help to promote your blog post. Don't forget to include a Meta title, strong keywords and a brief description in your post. This will help your post to get easily found in the search engines which increase its ranking.

• Bookmarking sites: The effective digital marketing technique is to publish it on different high ranked bookmarking sites, to reach a wider audience.

Thus, blog promotion is not a tough task you just need to be active and regular on social sites. Follow above tips and increase the online visibility and get an online promotion. Getting online visibility is not a one day process, it needs time, patience and effective use of digital marketing techniques to get online. 

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