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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Why is SEO very important part of marketing?

From past many years, the word SEO has become very famous and important part of the brand of your company. It hardly makes any different how your website look and how is its content are until and unless you don’t get the targeted visitors and your ranking comes on the top page of search engine.  People generally use these search engines to locate the websites that sell the product useful for them and thus it is very important to make it a search engine friendly to expand your business.

Through SEO you will get the targeted audience rather than just a visitors and the traffic that your website receive is in volumes and not in bits. Now when you know what SEO is and why it is important, it is very important to consider the steps involve in it. Most important is the keywords ranking which excellently effects in receiving the heavy as well as relevant web traffic. There are set of keywords that can play an important role in increasing the traffic and these keywords are selected by you and webmaster who are well versed in their work and know the behavior of the consumers. At the time of writing content, it is very important to check the density of the keywords use in it, as it should be between 3 and 5 % otherwise the website may be taken as the spam.

After you start receiving a ranking, it is important to insert the prominent keyword in your URL of your website. Thus both off the page as well as on page marketing help in getting you the desired result. You can’t deny the fact that SEO help in achieving long-term goals, and any optimizer, who promise the result within days is definitely trying to cheat on you or else may your unethical practices. It is a continuous process and not just an affair of single time. It is better to hire professionals rather than make it done from an immature person that could be rapid fall down from high ranking to the last rankings.