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Monday, 20 February 2017

What are the leading digital marketing trends that need to follow?

If you still think that your business can gain potential clients without the use of online marketing then you are wrong. Digital marketing has become part and parcel of any marketing strategies. Conversely, many companies adopt digital marketing practices without formulating a guiding strategy but it ends in no real profit. If you really want to gain profit and want to get potential clients then you really need to implement few digital marketing strategies that help in booming your business. Here are a few digital marketing strategies you should consider for 2017.

1.The video is still King: Now people are more interested in watching videos than simple content. The use of videos is a better way to increase the traffic and get more clients. In social media like youtube, Facebook, twitter relying heavily on video ads, launching an ad campaign based on video ads seems to be a safe bet. Videos keep the user engaged for a longer time as compare to the content that may get them bore.

2.Interactive Emails: interactive Emails are appreciated by the customers more as compare to the normal promotional emails. It allows customers to add items to their carts, choose between colors and styles and even play games right in the inbox.

3.Mobile Friendly: Gone are the days when desktop computer used. If we do research then we will find that in 2016 mobile traffic increasing massively and the same upward trend is expected in 2017 as well. Thus, it is very important that the website should fit all devices as you never know when your site will be open at which device.

4.Countdown Timer in Emails:  This tool helps the customers to know that the proverbial window is closing and that they must take action now. These tools have the added benefit of being a visual aid that the potential customer can recognize and understand in one glance. Additionally, since Gmail displays HTML by default, countdown timers are always shown in emails.

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