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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

What are the changing trends of graphic designing in 2017?

As we have entered in 2017 and you will experience that they are many new things that are coming in our way whether it is in our personal life or in our business field. In the business world, competition is increasing day by day and to be successful in your field it is very important to be updated with the changing trends. There is a lot of changed occur in 2017 in graphic designing and thus if you really want to create your design unique and according to the trend than it is very important to know the changing graphic designing trends:

1.Louder and Brighter color: Boulder and bright colors are today’s demand. Now dull white or gray color are not liked by anyone, people want to see your image brighter with loud colors.

2.Bold Typography: Strong typography and daring mixed font combination will be loved by people. People really don’t have time to read in detail and so if you write it in bold then it will be readable fast. 

3.Authentic Photos: if you use authentic photos of your company instead of generic stock photos that you will able to gain more trust from your clients and also increase your company branding.

4.Hand drawn Graphics and icons: Big company loves hand drawn graphics and icons as compare to copied images as it not only adds the element of fun back to design but also make their product more accessible.

5.Color and flare are back: Now no one wants to see boring black or gray background. If you really want to attract the potential clients then go for a colorful background.

6.Useful GIF images: GIF is the perfect little images that can be used in graphic designing when you really don’t want to use any text.