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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why are you not able to get the potential clients for your business? Come and know the 5 outdated trends of digital marketing

Digital marketing or internet marketing is ruling the business, nowadays no one can ignore its importance. From small business to big multinationals all are investing their resources in digital marketing but in spite of investing in digital marketing people are not getting the actual results that they want and the reason is due to the use of outdated strategies. Thus here is the 5 outdated digital marketing trends that should be avoided: 

1.Universal Content: Gone were the days when you can use any content for anyone but now the trend has changed, initially, you have to do the research and know the targeted audience and on the basis of it, you write content.

2.Email: you can’t deny the importance of Email in onlin e marketing but sending the same mail to all people is just a waste of time. It is very important to know your targeted audience and categorize them and then send them emails according to the category. Along with the mail, you can also send them multimedia content too. 

3.Outdated Platforms: There are a wide range of social media that you can use and get the potential clients and if you really want to brand your business then use Facebook, twitter, Instagram and snap chat etc. 

4.Use paid ads: Gone were the days when you use classifies or banners to promote your company and its services. Now paid ads is a very good way of marketing and with the concept of PPC, it is also not very costly. There are different advertising platforms where you can create your ads and get the real audience. Avoid the oldest type of ads like a banner ad. Although the banner ad is easily visible but people now ignore the banner ad, according to some reports only 0.06 % click through rate has been received by banner ads.